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Please feel free to call me at 828-275-2331 or use the link below to let me know what kind of session you are interested in and to tell me a bit about yourself.
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There is no force more Powerful than a Woman determined to Rise

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Curious about what actually happens during a Boudoir Shoot?

From wardrobe, to hair and makeup, posing and image reveal, we welcome you behind the scenes as two women share their experiences of their first Boudoir Sessions, from start to finish.

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Let's bring your dream shoot to life, Together

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It's your turn to shine,Beautiful

Jesseca Bellmare Photography is a boutique portrait studio located in Asheville, North Carolina that helps women of any age and body type see their own unique beauty. Our studio provides a fun and stress free experience with professional hair & makeup, wardrobe options, and complimentary refreshments. Jesseca will walk you through the entire process and coach you all the way down to your fingertips. After working with hundreds of women who say a shoot with us was confidence boosting, we guarantee that you will amaze yourself.

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Hello there Beautiful,

I’m Jesseca and my passion is helping women see how incredibly beautiful they really are.

I strive to not only show women of all ages, shapes and sizes just how beautiful they are as they are, but to create experiences that allow them to relax, have fun and feel confident in their own skin.


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MOOD: Unapologetic

A short but sweet list of all of the important details to consider when looking for a Boudoir Photographer all the important things


Thank you for helping me give a gift that can never be topped! You helped me step (WAY) outside my comfort zone in a tasteful, elegant way– and, in a way that is now captured forever for my husband. Thank you, thank you!


You are amazing, efficient, professional, kind, warm hearted, artistic, and have an incredible eye. I am so impressed with how you run your business.  It’s not everyday that someone like you comes along.


Thank you very much for not only saying “plus size” woman are beautiful and we should embrace our curves, but your photos showed me that statement could be true!


She shows you how beautiful you are. She helps reemphasize that you do not have to be a 6ft, 110lb model to be beautiful; She takes YOUR beauty and puts it into a portrait and makes you feel like a model.

A thankful Husband

Jesseca, thank you so much for your photos of Sarah (my wife). Having seen a number of photos of her through out her modeling career I can say in confidence that the photos you took are by far the most amazing I have seen of her…ever.


I thank you greatly for your compliments, your professionalism and your amazing ability. I have always had a bit of a self-esteem issue but you guys made me feel as though I was the most beautiful woman in the world.


My husband said he loves the pictures but that one of his favorite things was that I was confident and comfortable enough to go do it…And now he wants to know who he can show them off to since he has a hot wife….