Jesseca walked me through every aspect of my boudoir shoot. I feel like all women should get to have such an empowering experience like this."

Jesseca walked me through every aspect of my boudoir shoot. I feel like all women should get to have such an empowering experience like this."

Jesseca walked me through every aspect of my boudoir shoot. I feel like all women should get to have such an empowering experience like this."

"Jesseca walked me through every aspect of my Boudoir shoot. I feel like all women should get to have such an empowering experience like this."

"Jesseca walked me through every aspect of my Boudoir shoot. I feel like all women should get to have such an empowering experience like this."

"Jesseca walked me through every aspect
of my Boudoir shoot. I feel like all
women should get to have such an
empowering experience like this."



“You are amazing, efficient, professional, kind, warm hearted, artistic, and have an incredible eye. I am so impressed with how you run your business.  It’s not everyday that someone like you comes along.” -Amanda  

Thank you for making me feel so comfortable and happy! 

“I have been lucky enough to have known Jesseca from the beginning of her career as a photographer. She has photographed me pregnant, then photographed my newborn, and has taken amazing shots of my whole family. They are not just pictures to me. They are beautiful expressions of art that we will always treasure. But then when Jesseca asked if I wanted to strip down to just lingerie and take some boudoir shots, I was immediately nervous and hesitant. I do not consider myself a naturally “sexy” person. I fall more into the goofball category and cannot take a sexy selfie to save my life. Eventually, however, I began to wonder what it would be like to have some gorgeous pictures of myself as a confident, sexy woman, not just a mom, so I booked a session. If you are reading this trying to decide whether or not to indulge in this incredible experience, I cannot recommend it enough.  Jesseca’s style is warm and friendly and she coached me on how to sit and move and pose which took all of my awkwardness and nervousness away. I have never felt more beautiful. I can’t wait to do it again!”


“When I decided that I wanted to do a boudoir shoot I started doing a lot of research on photographers. I admit I have a tendency to be a perfectionist, so I knew I didn’t want just anyone to do the shoot! When I found Jesseca’s website I knew she was the one I wanted! She is able to incorporate many aspects, such as seductive, cute, sexy and playful, all while keeping the overall feel beautiful and elegant. Not to mention how much fun the shoot itself was: getting pampered with hair and make up while sipping a mimosa and listening to your favorite music, yes please! She is very creative with the posses that she walks you through, and takes photos that are art as opposed to a just a picture. I am in love with the finished products, they are absolutely amazing. I can not wait to work with her again!”

“I wanted to touch base with you and let you know that I gave my husband the book you created from our photoshoot back in February. This was for our 10 year anniversary. We went for a get-away weekend at the Biltmore Estate and stayed at the Cottage and I gave it to him then. To say that he was thrilled with the book and head shot doesn’t quite cover his reaction. He was speechless, humbled, happy, ecstatic, and super impressed! In fact, he wants me to have a Boudoir shoot every year from here on out. Needless to say, he was very, very happy with the finished product!

Thank you for helping me give a gift that can never be topped! You helped me step (WAY) outside my comfort zone in a tasteful, elegant way– and, in a way that is now captured forever for my husband.
Thank you, thank you!”

“My name is Amanda and I had my first ever Boudoir photo shoot with Jesseca Bellemare Photography. I am just a normal woman. I am a mother to a 1 year old little girl, a teacher, and the day of the shoot I weighed in at 168lbs.

I could not be more pleased with my experience. I have been with my husband for 7 years and really wanted to do something special for him. I did the shoot with one of my best girl friends who wanted to do a Boudoir shoot for her fiancé as his groom’s gift.

When we arrived the day of the shoot we enjoyed mimosas and plenty of laughter with Jesseca as her dear friend and makeup artist, Meghan Pulliam, worked her magic. I have never had my makeup look that nice ever. I wore it around the rest of the day after the shoot! My friend did her photo shoot first and did some amazing bridal shots as well as some gorgeous, sexy concepts specific to her husband-to-be’s interests.

When it was my turn, Jesseca coached me through every photo and encouraged me to be myself when she saw I was getting into “the zone”. I opted to do some tasteful complete and semi-nudes and Jesseca captured me as I only imagined I could be. She helped me to feel completely comfortable in my own skin while helping me tap into an extraordinary side of myself that day. And the look on my husband’s face when he saw the first picture told me he saw it too.”

“There are simply not enough ways to thank you for the amazing anniversary gift for my husband. He absolutely loved the pictures and was stunned at how I looked!…I’m pretty sure he would show everyone who would look at them if I would let him!”

“Thank you very much for not only saying “plus size” woman are beautiful and we should embrace our curves, but your photos showed me that statement could be true! I’ve done the other glamour shots, and walked away feeling uncomfortable and not liking a single picture. Happily you were different! Your personality and talent really makes all the difference in the world! Would I recommend you? Hell yes! Somewhere down the line when my curves are smaller I will want that portion of my life documented too. Thanks, you’re a real confidence builder and gave me permission to recognize that my curves can be beautiful if I really look and don’t judge.”

“When I was first searching for photographers to do a boudoir shoot, I had planned to make a album for my fiancé to give to him the night before our wedding as a present. When I came across Jesseca’s website, one thing struck me that made her different from the rest: She shows you how beautiful you are. She helps reemphasize that you do not have to be a 6ft, 110lb model to be beautiful; She takes YOUR beauty and puts it into a portrait and makes you feel like a model. I’ve always said that each woman should do a “beauty” session…so that she can see how beautiful she truly is! Doing a session with Jesseca and Meghan was wonderful. They make you feel so comfortable (especially when you are only wearing underwear and a bra!) and bring out the best in you. Not only did my husband LOVE the pictures, but it gave me a boost of self-confidence as well and I want to do another session!”

“Jesseca, thank you so much for your photos of Sarah (my wife). Having seen a number of photos of her through out her modeling career I can say in confidence that the photos you took are by far the most amazing I have seen of her…ever. Yes, she is beautiful; but your amazing talent shows strongly in this work. I just wanted to say thank you for your time, effort and ability to do such great work! Ever grateful.”

“I thank you greatly for your compliments, your professionalism and your amazing ability. You and Meghan were so wonderful to work with and I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the whole experience. I have always had a bit of a self-esteem issue but you guys made me feel as though I was the most beautiful woman in the world. What’s more, I actually saw myself as beautiful for the first time in my life. I began this process primarily as a gift for my husband, but I ended up receiving the best gift of all, a renewed love of myself. For that, I will be forever in your debt. I look forward to working again with both of you in the future.”

“It is always so relaxing to be in the studio…You and Meghan work beautifully together. So professional and creative…”

“OMG he died!! I should have gotten his reaction on video!! He couldn’t believe it 😉 thanks again for everything!”

“You guys do an amazing job! As my wife is already a very beautiful woman you guys brought out sides of her photogenically that have just amazed me. I am so proud of her and what you guys did together…”
-A Grateful Husband

“I Cannot tell you all how wonderful it was to work with Jesseca. I had a Boudoir session and, having never been photographed by a professional, was terribly ill at ease – down right scared actually. Not only did they make me feel comfortable but they made me feel more beautiful than I ever imagined I could feel. The photos are, to me, spectacular and I am going to do this again in 2014. I’m telling all my female friends (and showing them the pictures) because I think they should all have this experience!”

“My husband said he loves the pictures but that one of his favorite things was that I was confident and comfortable enough to go do it…And now he wants to know who he can show them off to since he has a hot wife….”

“Jesseca exceeded my expectations. I have done many photo shoots as an agency represented model, and the photos from Jesseca blew my mind! They are natural while still being polished, and they show off my features perfectly. Meghan is an amazingly talented hair stylist and makeup artist, and both of them together are a dynamic duo! I had so much fun working with them both, and I would highly recommend them to anybody!”
– Lindsey

“I really enjoyed my photography session with Jesseca. I have never taken professional pictures before and was afraid that I would look silly. I felt so comfortable and at ease during the session. When I saw the prints, I was ecstatic! I have never looked and felt more beautiful.”

“There aren’t enough good things I can say about this team of women. They are equal parts talented, professional and caring when it comes to what they put in to each and every one of their sessions. The product truly reflects not only their own aesthetic but the clients essence. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to capture a moment in time that they wish to cherish for years to come.”

“Jesseca is by far the best portrait photographer in Asheville! She has an amazing ability to coach you to look like a model, and her stylist Meghan is able to make sure that you look absolutely perfect in your photos! I have gotten professional photographs before with less talented photographers, and they always looked stilted and canned. The images that Jesseca took for me for my website are stunning–they capture real emotion and beauty, and allow my web visitors to see who I really am. These photographs are worth every single penny!”

“Working with Jesseca was a blast.  I felt from the minute I walked in, they were more like friends than someone I just met.  I felt totally pampered while I was transformed during the professional hair and make up application.  My photo shoot was very relaxed and fun, they made me feel beautiful and sexy the entire shoot. And my photos….WOW…they turned out amazing!    Jesseca and Meghan are extremely talented professional artists.”

I am so thrilled with the beautiful photos from my mother daughter shoot. The Makeup Artist did a wonderful job of keeping my look lovely but natural and also with adding the lightest touches to the girls to make them feel special and beautiful. Jesseca was great at posing us and awesome with her calm direction and communication with the girls. The pictures are priceless and are such a gift for my family for years to come!”

“I gave Robby his birthday gift early (partly because I just couldn’t wait any longer!) and he loves them! Thank you so much for such beautiful pictures, I adore them. You really have an amazing gift, more than just taking great pictures…you capture a part of your clients that most of us don’t even know is there. I can’t wait to come visit you again to have more pictures taken.”

Oh how I loved my Boudoir session! It was life changing for me. I still can’t get over how sexy I looked. Very special! I think everybody should have one.

“My Husband is totally freaking out over this. He loves the sneak peak. He couldn’t focus on other conversation last night…”

“Thanks Jesseca! I has a blast today. It was a great experience.”

“Nick was so surprised and he loved the pictures!!!! All week he hasn’t stopped telling me how beautiful I am. Thank you so much, I am so blessed to have had this opportunity and to have met you.”

“I had so much fun with you…Thank you for making me feel so comfortable!…Thanks for all your hard work and professionalism! The pictures look beautiful! I cannot wait to see the rest!

“Thank you so much for making me feel so beautiful! I had a blast with you and cant wait to see
the photos!”

“Thank you so very much. Without working with you I don’t believe I would have the confidence to continue. Rather than be stressed out you made it fun and easy to be myself. So thank YOU …”
-Ivy (actress/model)

“I just had the chance to catch up on your blog. BEAUTIFUL pictures! Your eye is amazing! You have such a beautiful and unique look to your work! We have enjoyed our pics so much!”

“You’re a genius and we had a ton of fun and look forward to having sessions with you at least once a year! …The pics look so incredible…breathtaking!”

“Thank you so much for everything! I love the pictures and can’t wait to get them all in! I had an amazing experience and you captured some great moments. I am forever grateful!”